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Semi-Private Tour:
Holy Churches of Rome

  •  St. John Lateran - Cathedral of Rome
  •  Saint Mary Major - The Church of the Snows
  •  St. Paul's Outside the Walls
  •  Church of Santa Croce

Tour Description: A tour that takes you across 2000 years of theology, art and faith, through the world's finest churches. Built by pontiffs and emperors, they host relics from the holy land, sublime art and legends that both thrill and inspire. This tour takes you on the pilgrim's path to Christian Rome.

On this tour one will visit:

  •  The first great Christian church ever built - the threshold of the christian world.
  •  A church built on a miracle housing the crib of the Infant Jesus.
  •  The most sacred shrine in all of Christendom with a reliquary containing a portion of the Holy Cross.
  •   A favorite of many pilgrims, the largest church in Rome after St. Peters, has the relics of St. Paul.


Group Size: Minimum 2 participants, Maximum 8


No. of Participants Tour Cost
(in Euros)
1 Person 60
Price for a Couple 115
Family of 3 150
Family of 4 180

Price Includes: Tour Fee, Taxes, Cost of Headsets, etc.

Meeting Time:  8:30 am (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays)

Meeting Point: No. 25 Via Fori Imperiali (Visitor's Centre) - located at the intersection of Via Fori Imperiali and Via Del Tempio della Pace

Map to Meeting Point:

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