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Semi-Private Tour:
Secrets of Rome

  • Church of St. Clemente & Underground Temple of Mithras
  • Catacombs of Priscilla
  • Crypts of the Capuchin Monks

Tour Description: A tour certainly for the inquisitive traveler. Join us, as we explore the subterranean  and we descend 64 feet below street level.

  •  A second century temple of Mithras concealed beneath a 11th century Catholic church.
  • The 'Queen of the catacombs' with the oldest known image of Mary, and depicting the oldest Marian paintings of the middle of the second century.
  •  A unique but bizarre art form in the Crypt of the Capuchin Monks, concealed from humanity for three centuries.

Group Size: Minimum 2 participants, Maximum 8


No. of Participants Tour Cost
(in Euros)
Ticket Cost (Special Admission)
(in Euros)
1 Person 70 20 per person
Price for a Couple 135 "
Family of 3 165 "
Family of 4 180 "
Family of 4 220 "

Price Includes: Tour Fee, Taxes, Cost of Headsets, etc. Ticket Fee additional as indicated above.
                            Children below the age of 6 years need to pay only for the ticket fee.
                            Ticket Fee is discounted for students and senior citizens with valid European Union IDs.

Meeting Time: 1:45 pm (Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays)

Meeting Point: Triton Fountain, at the centre of Piazza Barberini. If travelling by public transport, there is a Metro station called "Barberini" at the Piazza.

Meeting Point:


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