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Semi-Private Tour:
Borghese Museum

Tour Description:

Built by the luxury loving Cardinal Scipione Borghese, Rome's most splendid palace showcases his fabulous collection of antiques, paintings and sculpture.

It is not just an art gallery - it is indeed a monument to Roman 17th century interior decoration at its most extravagant - room after room opulently adorned with porphyry and alabaster, with wall to wall frescoes. On display are some of the best works of Bernini, Raphael, Caravaggio, Peter Paul Rubens and Titian.

A 'MUST SEE' if you want to rise above the average tourist in Rome!

Duration: 2.5 Hours

Group Size: Minimum 2 participants, Maximum 8


No. of Participants Tour Cost
(in Euros)
Ticket Cost (Special Admission)
(in Euros)
1 Person 55 12 per person
Price for a Couple 115 "
Family of 3 140 "
Family of 4 160 "
Family of 5 180 "

Price Includes: Tour Fee, Taxes, Cost of Headsets, etc. Ticket Fee additional as indicated above.
                            Children below the age of 6 years need to pay only for the ticket fee.
                            We will organise for the tickets, which are booked in advance.
                            Ticket Fee is discounted for students and senior citizens with valid European Union IDs.

Meeting Time: 5:00 pm (Summer - April to September) - Tue, Fri & Sun
                            10:00 am (Winter - October to March) - Tue, Fri & Sun

Meeting Point: In front of the Galleria Borghese (Museum)

Please proceed to the booking & contact page if you would like to book a tour or receive further information, such as special offers for larger groups.